The Logo

The emblem on GREEN FIELD lies on "DEVOTION , PUNCTUALITY and DISCIPLINE" which we follow in our vision , mission and objective. Here ,

The New Green Field School is committed to provide a healthy and congenial atmosphere where citizens of tomorrow study under the care of trained and devoted teachers, as a result of this they become worthy citizens of the world.

The quality or state of being punctual; especially , adherence to the exact time of an engagement exactness.

Behavior in accord with rules of conduct; behavior and order maintained by Training and Control. The logo also has a book with a lamp which denotes enlightening knowledge and removing darkness of illiteracy.

The swans devoting peace and harmony amongst children so that they can also teach the same to others that is sharing peace.

The sunray with endless rays depicts spreading knowledge beyond limitations and reaching to infinity. And lastly through leaves we denote at Green Field that as when the crop is it's educated children , it's produced with all its enrichment to serve the nation and its citizens for its well being.

This is all what we aim at The Green Field Public Academy and what we try to show and remember through our mono and our emblem.