Aims & Ideals

Education is meant for manifesting all the potentialities latent in the individual. It is the total development of the child. The development of his head, heart and hand. To achieve this , the institution provides opportunities for developing self discipline , healthy association and such habits of reading , studying , reciting as well as sublimates the child's growing mind and will lay the foundation of firm faith in god , free from sectarian or communal bias.

Creating awareness and a sense of pride in our cultural heritage with the value of tolerance and human brotherhood as well as assimilation of best in thought and practice from other culture is our constant Endeavour.

Children's exposure to education in human values results in full blossoming of the latent culture and spiritual potential in man. "Character is the true end of education" leading a child to become well balanced moral and spiritual beings.

Teachers have been trained and oriented for imparting these values in an integrated manner through the existing curricula. A separate period of one hour per week is set aside in the timetable to impart these values through stories, songs , prayers , recitation and shlokaas. Enacting of plays , quiz programmers , group activities , games , singing of sarv dharma prayers and meditation. Evaluation of student is conducted from time to time to ascertain the progress of children in all these aspects.

Efforts are made to:

Help students become mature, value-oriented citizens
Encourage them to continually strive for excellence,
Dispose them to value freedom and use it judiciously,
Teach them to be courageous and firm on principles,
Inspire them to be selfless while serving others
Instill in them the drive and will to initiate social change.

Further, our students are trained to acquire good habits, a sense of cleanliness and orderliness, so as to prepare them to become responsible citizens.