Teacher's Training

Nursery Teacher's Training Programme Fee Structure - 2016-17
Note :-

  • The above mentioned instalments does not include exam fee ,Exam fee of ₹1000 will be payable by demand draft in favour of “All India Early Childhood Care & Education” later in 2nd instalment ,
  • All fees will be paid in cash /cheque for which receipt will be given
  • All dues must be paid within 10 days of start of every term/month. Late fees shall be payable of ₹ 10 per day.
  • All amount including fees are not liable to be refunded regardless of whether a student joins or does not join after securing admission or discountinues during a term.
  • 5) For full year fee is charged in 3 instalments
    1st instalment – for the month of July to October payable at the time of admission.
    2nd instalment – for November to February payable by 10 November
    3rd instalment – for March to June payable by 10th February.

Nursery Teacher's Training Programme

Who may do this course

  • Candidates wishing to start their career as Montessori teacher
    this is an ideal course for students who are interested in Montessori teaching .the course material is designed to understand and implement the technology of Montessori. As there is a large demand for trained Montessori in India and abroad students can make a very good career.
  • Students wishing to start their own Montessori school
    the course includes a lesson on setting up a Montessori classroom or a nursery school. Our team will give you advice on how successfully starts your own preschool.
  • Teachers
    this course is recommended to all experienced teachers of young children who wish to gain insight into the best way to individualize their teaching curriculum, so that children of mixed abilities may work at their own pace. Teachers should consider this course as an up-gradation, and could implement the Montessori methodology in the conventional schools.
  • Parent
    this course helps parents understand the natural laws of growth and self construction in a child. thus as a parent you can help the child to grow to his utmost potential ,and not unwittingly hamper the path of nature and create unintended deviations in your child .
  • For those who want to work with children
    this course is highly recommended for young people interested in helping small children. it is also of great value for future parenthood .on completion of this course one could find suitable jobs in Montessori environments

Courses offered by Green Field Institute

Nursery teachers training (E.C.C.E) this includes

  • diploma in child education and psychology (1 year ) and
  • advanced diploma in child education and applied psychology (2 year)

About the Course
The nursery teacher’s training course is affiliated to A.I.E.C.C.E that is All India early childhood care and Education.regd. By govt of NCT of Delhi, registered by ministry of HRD govt. Of India. Run by Indira Gandhi School Of education, New Delhi.
The nursery teachers training are applicable for English medium, pre primary /private, and public schools in India and abroad.
AIECCE is an ISO 9001:2008 institution which maintains high quality standards of the teaching standards.
The Nursery Teachers’ Training (N.T.T) is accredited by I.A.O i.e. International Accredited Organisation, Houston, and U.S.A.

Award of Diploma
The diploma is awarded on satisfactory completion of course, which is assessed by: written course work, and practical file and examinations set throughout the course in form of tutorials.

Placement Guidance
Most of the students which are benefitted from the course find immediate employment ,on their own ,either in the Montessori houses as intern or in schools of  their home towns .the demand for Montessori trained teachers is large and even many schools prefer to take Montessori qualified teachers for their preschool division.

Green Field as an institute also prefers some of the Montessori teachers as its own staff.

Why Green Field institute of montesoori Teache's Training ?

  • We have been in this teaching atmosphere for past 30 years and have been in contact with wide variety parents, students. Looking at the present scenario of education a need of proper and systematic teacher’s training we have brought this course looking at the present day staff.
    A proper teaching guidance is necessary so that every child would get benefited from this.
  • And the most added advantage is that  for the whole session we provide hand to hand practical exposure i.e. in class experience with live students will be provided .the class in which the candidates can do their practical
  • A highly expertise faculty team is recruited which takes the course to better level of understanding
  • We have all the head of institution that is highly qualified in the field of education and runs their own Mp board and Cbse schools. Under the guidance of this educationist the candidates will be definitely benefited.
  • We will be taking some of the candidates as our own personal staff of green field (CBSE and Mp board branch) and they will be considered as permanent staff.
  • We have the most affordable fees as compared to any other institution with in various facilities provided to the students
  • The campus is a wifi campus
  • Best infrastructure
  • Computer lab with added curriculum
  • Best in- class facilities.
  • Smart class teaching training is also provided.
  • Outdoor- indoor activities are also included; we have a well developed volleyball, badminton, basketball area.
  • Best teaching techniques and conceptual learning methods
  • Expert’s knowledge and career counselling sessions.
  • Other institutions will provide you only exposure till nursery classes but we have a special facility which provides teaching experience till class 5th i.e. PRT.

We have kept very flexible batch timing which can be suited to varied candidates
This is a daily course which is run five days a week i.e. Monday to Friday which no other institute runs i.e. we have 3 theory classes and two practical classes.
During which the batch timings are –
Batch 1 – 10:30 am- 12:30 pm
Batch 2-    3:00 pm – 5 pm
(Pls. Note the batch timing can be changed later looking the changes in the scenario)

Contact information:-
For more details please contact the below mentioned:-

  • Mr. Rajesh Mittal (  Director ,Founder member )
  • Mrs. Runzun Goyal  ( Associated director)
  • Mrs. Indra Mittal ( Principal ,leading educationist )

Note:  meeting can be fixed with above mentioned dignitaries with prior appointment only.

Office Details   :
Add. – New Green Field Institute
94, sec B ring road, near Bombay hospital, Indore.
0731-2559177, 9926100161